How to render wireframe in cycles without using the wireframe modifier!!

TIPS & TRICKS:  “How to render wireframe in cycles!!”
/// without using the wireframe modifier or any physically modelling tricks ///
see the images …… you can create a factor of the edges and you can do whatever u want with that factor…!!! most useful is when you want  to show your model’s wireframe!!!

So here you get the blend file and then simple append the material to your scene and read the 3 page pdf documentation 😛


Though while creating those pdfs I found another tricks which is cooler than this… the 1 problem with my setup is you can’t render with subdivision higher than 1.. but in this setup it doesn’t matter
the LINK:

Happy Blending!!!untitledBlender [HCGCreated ModelsTESTSmaterial testWire_frame.blend]