Well, BCGI Publication had to starts somewhere, right?
But in order to make it a fully equipped blog, we need to raise funding…

We strongly recommend you to read About first.

We started looking for ways and THERE ARE MANY WAYS.

  • Advertisement
  • Artist-colaborated Funding
  • NEW Marketplace

We actually don’t like ads so much, but for the sake of funding this is a way. While the other website such as Blender Nation used it, why not?
But how would you serve something to other people you don’t even like?

Artist-colaborated Funding
So, the other option is this. But, what is “Artist-colaborated Funding”?
It’s a service we provide for young amateur Blenderer.
We gave them space to showcase their artworks, they help us pay the hosting.
That could be done, right?

Happy Blending!
Blender CGI Updates Publication


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