Violin and Accessories Reference Pictures

Hello guys and girls

we want to show and provide you some high res reference pictures which will be helpful if you are modeling a violin (or maybe you are inspired to do this now). They were created by me (Thilmann LePoer – bastART). Included are photos of all views (and details) of the violin + bow, shoulder rest and wood resin views. There are two packs one low res (jpg, 2016×1134, 6.62 Mb) and one high res (png, 4976×2800, 215.51 Mb)
Here are some examples:

Violin – Top View 1


Violin – Side View 1


Bow – Side View 1


Shoulder Rest – Side View 1


Wood Resin – Top View 1


Grab your copy with 28 pictures packed in a .rar-file
in low res (jpg, 2016×1134, 6.62 Mb) here or
in high res (png, 4976×2800, 215.51 Mb) here.

If you downloaded the low res version and only want one or two pictures as the high res version than just write this in the comments.

Happy Blending!!


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