(BEST) Blender Key Map Infographic


Here is my tribute to the best 3d opensource application. A complete infographic to help finding the way in modeling 3d objects with Blender 3d.08/01/2015: new useful shortcuts from Blender 2.73
06/01/2015: materials shortcut and node wrangler, better layout
29/12/2014: ver 1.46 with sculpt mode, more icons, and snap shortcut
20/12/2014: ver 1.45 with must-load addons
09/12/2014: ver 1.4 with more functions and tips.
12/11/2014: ver 1.3 with select shortcuts and new symbols.
02/11/2014: ver 1.2 with symbols and some functions name fixes.
29/10/2014: ver 1.1 with new shortcuts for modeling.Coming from a solid know-how in 3d Studio MAX was a real challenge to understand the complex interface and functions in blender. Starting from the right-click mouse button to select objects.My first shortcuts key map was an A4 ink note, I found so useful I decided to illustrate as best as I can in this table poster. This is the ver.1.0 of the infographic to Blender 2.72b. You’ll find the basic commands plus some very useful tricks. You’re invited to comment and to suggest missing keys. I’ll update the infographic in the future.If you learn shortcuts Blender will be very easy, trust me. Hope will be useful for everyone working with Blender 3d.

LINK: http://www.giudansky.com/design/51-blender-map

Happy Blending!


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